ICC: International Court of Arbitration

As a part of the Themis Court Simulations, this year’s conference will have one of the most prestigious and well-known Arbitration Tribunal, International Chamber of Commerce. This tribunal will be focusing on a commercial conflict, referred to ICC Arbitration with an arbitral record in the contract. In this fictional tribunal, contracting parties are two manufacturers operating in the same field. German Bayerische Motoren Werke AG and Austrian KTM AG had a valid contract and continued their business relations for a long time without any problematic occasion. Soon after the manufactured goods received complaints from the customers, the legal dispute has emerged. Parties put an arbitral record to their contract back in time with a referral to the Convention for the International Sale of Goods as the primary applicable law. Participants are expected to solve the problem within the range of one of the most successful legal unification movement, Convention for the International Sale of Goods. The legal dispute will have various aspects such as -but not limited to- breaching of the contract, nature of the fundamental damage, transfer of the damages; will of contracting parties and undefined calculation of the interest. Some disputes are not covered substantially by the primary applicable law source. Therefore, the tribunal will be challenging for the argumentation and selection of the principles of law. ICC Arbitration welcomes all the students of law have an interest in international commercial and civil law.

Under Secretary General
Onur Berke Okur
Ankara University – Faculty of Law

Academic Assistant
Deniz Çelikkaya
Kadir Has University – Faculty of Law